Advocate for Admenities

As a Leader in District 2 I believe that exploring the needs of my community from a holistic view is a vital part of creating STRONG communities. To achieve this goal I supported initiatives that created opportunities for high-quality education by supporting Career and College Ready Dual-Enrollment Scholarships, Pre-K initiatives and Summer Learning Academies.  I was an original supporter of Elevate Tuscaloosa because it provided the Tuscaloosa City School System with over seven million dollars to fund these projects!

Healthy Food Access is also important to help strong communities thrive. In 2020 I was thrilled to support the mobile food market. Instead of having one location for the Farmers Market, city leadership partnered with other organizations to make sure that all districts were included in a program that provided easy access to the Mobile Food Market. I Supported the motion to have a pop-up Farmers Market located at the McDonald Hughes Center. When I am re-elected, I will advocate to provide these opportunities in multiple locations throughout District 2.

The safety and well-being of my community has been of the upmost importance as a Leader. A sense of community where everyone feels safe, has been an objective that I will always continue to make a priority. When first elected in 2017, I rejuvenated Community Policing by hosting community policing week for the city of Tuscaloosa. During this week I provided events that included everyone! These events included:

  • Complementary Community Policing Week Kick-off Breakfast
  • Reading Initiative with the Tuscaloosa City School and the Tuscaloosa Police Department
  • Movie Screening to bring awareness to Human Trafficking and Tuscaloosa Police Departments involvement
  • National Coffee with a Cop event Sponsored by Chick-Fil-A
  • Community BBQ with Activates for the entire family

I truly enjoyed every event and activity. Most of all this week allowed me to Partner with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, the Tuscaloosa City School, the Human Trafficking Task Force of West Alabama, and other community leaders that were serious about making out community STRONGER.

As Councilwoman I initiated and organized Tuscaloosa’s first “Cones with a Cop” event. Similar to Coffee with a Cop, I initiated “Cones with a Cop” which allowed individuals, especially our youth, across the City of Tuscaloosa to interact with the Tuscaloosa Police Department while enjoying everyone’s favorite summertime treat.

As Chairwoman of the Public Safety Committee, I have been a STRONG advocate for a city wide streetlight modification project. In order to have a STRONG community where everyone feels safe, I believe that outdated street lights need to be updated to LED lights and areas that have high crime rates need to have additional lighting to help deter crime. 
Once re-elected, I will continue to be accessible to residents in District 2 to make sure all of their concerns for criminal activity in the area are taken care of and addressed by Tuscaloosa Police.