Advocate for Infrastructure


Advocating for adequate infrastructure throughout my community has been a vital part of my leadership in District 2.  I am a firm believer that local infrastructure is crucial for healthy communities to thrive. Infrastructure provides so much more than just highways and drainage, it is the pivotal point that will attract new businesses to locate in District 2. Infrastructure not only provides safety and sound footing for new construction, it is the key component to beatification. If an area is appealing it makes it easier to attract new businesses, appropriate lighting, green space, sidewalks, and many more attractive necessities that will make District 2 a better community.

As Councilwoman, I supported Elevate Tuscaloosa and was an advocate for making sure that millions of dollars was set aside for capital projects that would provide needed infrastructure throughout my District and the entire city. When I Re-Elected, I am will continue to advocate for these necessities and make it my responsibility to see that these projects are complete in District 2.